School of Humanities

School of Humanities concentrates mainly on those studies that specialize in deepening our understanding of what it means to be human. It is concerned with the spiritual and cultural issues that arise as the result of the processes of development and change both at the local and global levels.

International Relations

International Relations has 2 concentrations:

  • Diplomacy
  • Defence Studies

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Communication has 3 concentrations:

  • Public Relations
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Broadcasting (Radio, Television, and Film)

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Law has 5 concentrations:

  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Business Law
  • International Law

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Program Psychology brings together the various fields of fundamental and professional psychology in pursuit of common objectives

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Primary School Teacher Education

Primary school teacher education (PSTE) is a study program that produces qualified primary school teachers in dealing with children aged 6-12 years who are known as the 'golden age'. Students of PSTE will learn how to become a primary school teacher who has a good understanding of their vocation (profession) as a teacher in terms of: attitude, behavior, and has characters that can be replicated by their student. in addition, students of PSTE will learn to be able to recognize the characteristics of their student in primary schools of the physical, moral, social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual. it will assist them in determining the best approaches/methods to be applied in their classes. 

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Our Alumni

'The time I spent in PRESUNIV to study Public Relations is a rewarding experience. I am never a social butterfly, but PRESUNIV had given me lots of new opportunities to meet inspiring and exciting people that I am lucky enough to call friends today. What I would highlight most of my time in PRESUNIV was the dormitory life and the internship period. I lived in dorm because I have no relatives nearby and that's when true friendship flourished. You kind of have to stick together because you only had each other and that what makes it so fun. During the internship, PRESUNIV was very supportive by encouraging every student to pursue the career path that was based on our passion and I am forever grateful of that. That was a make or break moment for me and my future and thank God I chose PRESUNIV. Don't give any second thought to join PRESUNIV's program because even if it turns out to be a mistake, it certainly is the best kind of mistake'

Public Relation batch 2009

'There are so many things you will not find on other campuses. Togetherness, familiness, character formation to make you ready to face the world of work even before you are graduated. Discover and experience yourself, along with President University'

Alfred Dwitama
Visual Communication Design batch 2010


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