The vision of Management Study program is to become one of the leading management study programs nationally as well as regionally that has an academic advantage and consistently produces high-quality management professionals with a good ethical behavior and able to play a significant role for the society  in facing the challenges of economic globalization


The mission is to equip our students with: 

  • High ability in managerial competencies that are supported by ability of entrepreneurship, leadership, interpersonal skills, and information technology.
  • Ability to adapt to work environment and  for continuous learning
  • Ability to communicate effectively, one of it is in English
  • Ability to compete with graduates from other universities and having a global orientation
  • High moral and ethical behavior, sensitive towards changes, and  social responsibility 

About Management

Study programs under the Faculty of Business.  Our curriculum is periodically reviewed as we have to make sure that the subjects as well as the contents are always updated and fulfilled the needs of business world.

In doing so, we benchmark ourselves toward the best programs, domestics and overseas, interview and have focus group discussions with corporate world - the current and future users of our graduates.

Besides updated curriculum, we also look into the methods of delivery as we always try to find out and use the most effective ways of teaching and learning for our students.

To complete their study, students have to take 144 credits units consisting of 87 credit units of the main curriculum which features main competencies, and 57 credit units of institutional curriculum which features concentration and supporting competencies.  

Currently, we offer four concentrations: Banking & Finance (with Islamic Finance sub-concentration), Marketing (plan to open e-marketing sub-concentration), Human Resource, and International Business.



  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Economics Theory of Globalization
  • Sales and Retail Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development
  • Business Communication
  • International Financial Institution & Organizations
  • E-Marketing
  • Advertising and IMC

Institutional Partnership

  • Banking such as PT Bank Mandiri, Tbk; PT ABN Amro Ban
  • Construction  such as PT Jababeka, Tbk; PT Honeywell Indonesia
  • Finance & Trading such as PT GE Finance Indonesia; PT Rohde & Schwarz Indonesia
  • Retail such as Lotte Mart, Ranch Market
  • Information Technology such as PT IBM Indonesia, PT Sisco Systems Indonesia
  • Insurance such as PT Prudential Life Insurance, PT AXA Financial Indonesia
  • Mining such as PT Chevron Geothermal, PT Total E&P Indonesia
  • Manufacturing such as PT Mattel Indonesia, PT Unilever Indonesia
  • Securities such as PT Merrill Lynch Indonesia, PT Indonesia Stock

Professional Outcomes

  • Economics/Business Management Planners
  • Retail Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Management
  • HR Generalist/Specialist
  • Public Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Cost Accounting Staff/Officer/Manager


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