Fast Track Program (Dual Degree)


Fast Track Program (Dual Degree)
Our combined degree option is a great way to save time and money by allowing to work toward 2 (two) degree at the same time. The BSC and MBA is an accelerated program which allows President University undergraduate Management (MGT) students to earn the two respective degrees in a slightly shorter period of time than by completing each separately. The program allows 
students to take up two MBA courses in their senior undergraduate work.
How it works!
If you are an eligible student, enrolled in an eligible bachelor’s specialization, you’ll have the option to take master’s level courses and have the credits applied to both your bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements. A combined degree option allows you to:
1. Save thousands in tuition compared to pursuing each degree separately.
2. Complete your master’s degree up to 6 months (2 quarters) sooner.