To be a leading study program in Communication Science that produces graduates with international perspective, sound character, wisdom and comprehensive competence in Communication Science, both theoretically and practically, at the national, regional and Asian territories



To provide a quality learning process, supported by professional lectures and up-to-date curriculum that is linked and matched with the world of industry
To carry out research programs that contribute to the development of Communication Science
To carry out community service activities related to the Communication Science that can contribute to meeting the needs of the society and the world of industry


About Communication

Communication is an important facet of life. Communication skills are essential in all spheres of life. Be it an interview or dealing with the project leader or working out solution with a term or writing a report, getting across the point effectively is what matters. The success of an endeavor hinges on the ability to communicate effectively in today's fast paced life, everyone is asked to do more with less.

In such a scenario effective communication holds the key. Effectively communication centers round the usage of words, speed of delivery of words, pitch modulation and body language. Using the right tools to communicate the right messages at the right time can salvage a crisis and motivate people to work towards success.

When considering why communication is important, the bottom line is: if you’re a good communicator, you’ll have better chances of success. You’re able to persuade people, influence others, negotiate effectively and provide valuable feedback.

You can inspire, motivate and encourage your staff and employees. You can convey your ideas better to your boss, you can make interesting conversation and network easier and you can speak to groups of people with self-confidence and credibility. The better your communication skills, the greater success you can achieve.

Since the establishment of President University (PresUniv) in 2001, it has contributed a lot of graduates 286 in 2012 for the sake of the country. In 2004 PresUniv opened Communications major in public relations and visual communication design. These two concentrations opened to produce graduates who educated in delivering ideas such as public speaking skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, to win the competition in workplace. 

We also opened new concentration; Radio, Television and Film which emphasizes on enhancing our graduates in producing and managing radio, television and film program.


  • Organizational Behavior
  • Public Relations Writing
  • Photographic Communication
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques
  • Public Relations Production
  • Online Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations Strategies and Tactics
  • Public Relations Research and Evaluation
  • Media Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Public Relations Campaign
  • Advanced Public Relations
  • Scenario
  • Basic Camera
  • Radio Programming
  • Television Programming
  • Broadcast News Writing
  • Broadcast Feature
  • Radio Production
  • Advanced Camera
  • Editing for Film and Television
  • Broadcast News Reporting
  • Sound for Film and Television
  • Television on Air Simulation
  • Film Directing
  • Writing and Producing Documentary
  • Announcing and Personal Branding

Professional Outcomes

  • Cultural Attache
  • Project Officers for UN Organizations
  • Foreign Trade and Industry Liaisons
  • Government Officials in Foreign Affairs Ministers Consulate Office
  • United Nations Organization and the subsidiaries
  • ASEAN Organization
  • Multimedia Developers
  • Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Event Organizer
  • Media Presenter
  • Journalist
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Investment Companies
  • Capital Market Companies
  • Government Officials
  • Human Right Organization
  • International Litigation
  • TNI/Polri
  • Court of Justice


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