Direct Admission

Application for Academic Year 2018/2019

An honor for the President University’s top incoming freshmen. Each year outstanding incoming freshmen are offered DIRECT ADMISSION to President University.

If you’re offered direct admission, you may declare a major option in President University and begin your studies and start of your freshman year. Work with an OFFICE OF ADMISSION advisor in your major right away, rather than beginning with regular student recruitment and enrolment process.

Tap into other resources and support by your Head Study Program of the OFFICE OF ACADEMICS from the very beginning of your studies. Being a DIRECT ADMIT has allowed prospective students to be engrained in President University since you set foot on campus.

Interested students should submit DIRECT ADMISSION application to President University to be considered through the following ON-LINE STUDENT REGISTRATION.

The following are the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to be submitted.

  1. APPLICATION FORM, PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY, Undergraduate [via on-line student registration]
  2. Copy of Color Scanned KTP or student ID card
  3. Recent CLOSE-UP COLOR PHOTOGRAPH in RED background (taken within the last 3 months) with size 4 cm x 6 cm (2 pieces),
  4. Copy of LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE [LoA], from President University, co-singed by your parent
  5. Copy of HIGH SCHOOL EXAMINATION in the original language.
  6. Copy of SCHOOL EXAMINATION TRANSCRIPT (list of grades/mark) in the original language.
  8. Copy of CERTIFICATION OF EXCEPTIONAL TALENTS and/or exceptional achievements in co-curricular activities and competitions e.g. International Science Olympiad medals, top national awards, national team sportsmen, etc.

Multiple or incomplete submission(s) of the above required documents may affect the processing of your application.

For your review, please to see a DOWNLOADABLE FORMS in the admission website for your reference.

Please submit the required document and SEND TO along with subject “DIRECT ADMISSION’.



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